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Aim of muticultural literacy

The aim of mutlicultural literature is to be inclusive of diverse cultural groups, representing the experiences and beliefs of various people with integrity and sincerity. Write an essay of about 800 words in which you demonstrate how this is accomplished in at least two children's books of your choice

Reading Journal 8

All the instructions are well demonstrated in the files which I uploaded. Please BE ADVISED to carefully and closely look over all the materials (Instruction, Grading Rubric, The Sample Journal, and etc.) before starting the task to have a general idea for what to expect of this assignment, as the grader for this assignment can be quite precise.

Required Reading Materials:

Week 8: Transformations, Part 2

Mon 11/23

Takaki, Ch. 14, World War II: American Dilemmas

Takaki, pp. 339-340, The Problem of the Color Lines

Wed 11/25

Ira Katznelson, White Veterans Only (2005)


This will be a 2 part project, and the word count reflects that. I will need a proposal for the paper that is 300-500 words and then an essay that is 1500-2100 words. The proposal will be needed by Wednesday, November 25th and the rest of the paper December 4th

Chemistry Of Love

I need a persuasive essay on the chemistry of love. What happens to the brain at the beginning, middle end of love and all the different processes the brain goes thru. Communication, intimacy, forgives are three of the main points.I will send as much info that I can. THe articles that Ihave referenced to go with it. "On the Power of Touch" cites Proff. Matt Hertenstein, "The three Stages of Love" Helen Fisher: "Love what matters" Amie M Gordon PHD, "The Power of Touch" Rich Chaillot, David McFadden: Psychological intimacy in long relationships Richard A Macket

Saudi Arabia Should Aim to get more Businesses and Households Connected to the Internet Using Fiber Optic Cables

I want u to write me a presentation, let's call it the What should i say section, it should be about the same report u did.
It should start from the very beginning (good morning...) to the end (...thank u for listening, any question?)
It is a 5 min presentation.
Remember that the slides contain the same visuals as the report, so u should talk about them.
Depending on this file once it's finished, we will start talking about the other order (the presentation section)

Any topic (writer’s choice)


You will write an essay that takes a close look at a particular immigrant community in the San Diego region and explore some of the same ideas we've explored this semester.

To help your reader better understand the local immigrant community of your choosing youll want to explain when they arrived to the region, why they have come, where they have settled, what struggles they have faced, and what is being done to support them. Your argument will likely come in the form of suggesting why it is important for these people to belong to a community, and/or suggesting what else can be done to support them.

In order to make this happen you will be conducting a few research tasks, which will include finding data about this particular immigrant community, reading articles about and by members of this community, and maybe even interviewing a member of it.

In the coming weeks we will work together to gather data, evaluate resources and construct our essays. Its

Indigenous Woman Representation in Poetry

You MUST first tell me what the thesis of the essay is so that I can get it approved. Rest of the instructions in the documents. Must use a few quotes from the two poems and you must make strong connections between the poem and the essay topic.

Articles Review / Answer Questions

Pick two questions from the list under the article you chose and discuss. Also use another article from this week as a reference in your paper. Your paper should be no more than two-pages.

Please makes sure and state which article you are using in your introduction.

You will need three sources for this paper: 1) The initial article you pick, 2) The second article you want to use, and 3) an outside source (Internet, article, etc.).

I Provided the 3rd source " SEX EDUCATION IN AMERICA"

Laurie Essig and Lynn Owens, What if Marriage Is Bad For Us?

1.    How is the (Western) institution of marriage different today than it has been historically? What are some of the changes that have occurred in how we think about marriage?
2.    Do you agree with Essig and Owens reasons for rejecting marriage? Are some reasons more or less compelling than others? Explain.
3.    In what ways does access to marriage a

Why Remote Learning should be continued at Nassau Community College


Many teachers and students argue that remote learning should be discontinued at NCC because teachers and students have too many distractions at home, students work multiple jobs and now even longer hours to help their families even more now during COVID, and the teaching and the learning are not as high quality. TRANSITION SENTENCE: But this is more myth than fact. [YOUR SIDE'S THESIS:] While it is true that there are many distractions at home, there are more distractions in school and even before and between classes that not only waste time but drain both teachers' and students' energy. In addition, while it may be true some students are working longer hours, the fact is community college students often work multiple jobs to support their families and themselves and avoid crushing student loan debt. Finally, its is pure nonsense to say

Choose one (1) of these four Unit Topics: Progressivism, World War I, The 1920s, Depression & New Deal, and answer the following four questions: 1. What did you find most interesting about this topic? 2. What new insights/knowledge did you learn about thi

You could pick the topic thats easy for you.
Devote one full paragraph to each question, realizing that paragraphs have Topic
Sentences and supporting information. These paragraphs should be the equivalent
of page. (The paragraphs should be roughly equal in length.)
This is a personal point-of-view essay, NOT a research paper. Do not simply
rehash facts on your topic. I am looking for your opinions and impressions.