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Ch. 36 discussion - Gender Equality
Marisabel Irizarry
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After reading chapter 36 (pages 463-474), explore the learning materials for the chapter found here.


Pick one work of literature OR one work of art from the chapter that you really like and explain how it deals with issues of gender. Make sure that your answer contains the following:
Facts about the writer/artist and the work of art/literature.
Use information from the textbook.
You must use additional information from the learning materials for the chapter  in order to go beyond the information from your book. Find more information in these resources (or others you find on your own) and include them in your analysis.
Clearly list or mention which additional resource or resources you used in your analysis.
Your interpretation of the work of literature or art based on the information you found.

Respond t

Cultrual DIversity

The paper should be 3 pages and should observe, compare and contrast two families of different ethnicity and/or race and compare and contrast including, but not limited to; the culture, values, ethnicity, customs, family expectation, interactions, role etc. of the families (Incorporate information and knowledge gained from texts and supplemental sources)

Examining the impact of Disinformation and the Politicization of Intelligence: A Review of Bush and Trump Administrations

To recap the Format of the Paper:
          Title Page of the Paper. The title of your paper should be brief but should adequately inform the reader of your general topic and the specific focus of your research. Keywords relating to parameters, population, and other specifics are useful. ALWAYS use a Title Page for graduate work! Your title page will include the title, name, course name and number, and Professors Name.

I.          Introduction (1-2 pages): This section shall provide an overview of the topic that you are writing about, concise synopsis of the issues (the problem your research addresses), and how your research addresses it (purpose). Include one academic research question. In addition to the question, make sure you clearly state your research hypothesis, theoretical framework, definitions, and the significance of your research within the intelligence studies. This section can be preceded by an epigraph that cre


informative essay about cricket with visual aides. minimum of of two pages. It will be five minutes speech,
mostly based on facts and figure.
The facts are presented about a specific topic.
It is necessary to have at least three reliable  sources to support claims.
add some life by using visual aids, images or appealing photographs.
Topics can include general information covering history, evolution and other necessary information about a specific topic.

Homo Naledi

Create a profile for the Homo Naledi, please put everything on one slide
This should include pictures maybe one face and one body like a dating profile
It should contain the follow sections/answers to questions BE SUCCINT and/or use images/illustrations!
What are your best physical features and why?
What are your special skills and/or favorite hobbies?
What are you looking for in a partner?
What is your favorite food and how do you like it prepared?
What are you binging on Netflix right now and why? (or Hulu, Prime, whatever streaming service)
Describe your perfect first date
On a typical weekend you will find me
i. Example: on a typical weekend you will find me building a fire in a cave
ii. Example: flexing my flexible fingers in the trees
What are 5 things you couldnt live without?
Message me if
i. Example: Message me if your cranial capacity is at least as big as your ego
ii. Example: Message me if you like long muddy walks at

People and Cultures of the America

Film Analysis Midterm Question--minimum 1000 to 1200 words:

Compare and contrast the role that kinship plays in at least 2 films (Gentefied episodes, A Better Life, Sin Nombre, Roma).  Consider kinship from a variety of different angles, including the formation of kinship bonds you forge or claim for yourself, struggles and tensions within and between families, and the threat or fear of losing kinship bonds.  Consider the impact of race, class, gender, ethnicity, and sexuality on the formation and transmission of kinship bonds.

Grades will be based on the strength of your argument and the quality of the specific film examples you bring to your analysis.  Your essay should reflect a close, critical read of the films, and you need to use plenty of specific film examples as evidence in your essay, but you do not have to include time stamps from the films.  Instead, you can assume the reader has a working knowledge of the films from recent viewing, and you

Any topic (writer’s choice)

A teenager in your family has emailed you (knowing you are studying Modern Culture) and asked you to explain Atheistic Existentialism, and whether you believe it to be a useful basic life philosophy. Write him/her back with a clear explanation, state your opinion of it, and give your reasons for that opinion.  NB:  Avoid the two common misperceptions about AE, namely that (1) it is about proving God does not exist and (2) that one cannot live a moral life without religion.

Try to incorporate material from the book:
The Humanities: Culture, Continuity, and Change, Volume II, 4th edition by Henry Sayres

Australia/ New Zealand Aboriginal Cultures

Extra credit assignment.
Read about the topic from any source
Notes on the topics are available through canvas assignment
Watch Religions of Small Societies (Video) - Library Media Reserve.
Watch Religions of the World: Native American Spirituality (video). Media Reserve.
Write an essay of your understanding of these topics
Length: At least two pages long.  Introduction, body and conclusion
APA Style
Add title page and an abstract page.
Double Space
Add References and Citations. At least three
Diversify the references. Britannica and Wikipedia are not accepted as references.
Times New Roman, 12 font size
Extra 5 Points.
No late or incomplete assignments are accepted
Assignments will only be accepted if submitted through canvas (No hard copy and no e-mail.

Discussion Question Response3

Please look at the video and answer the questions in you own words

Review the number of events that are possible fundraisers and then practice developing a budget. Go to page 251-252 in Effective Fundraising and do the Projected Special Event Expenses Worksheet #6. You can begin to see how much is involved in creating a budget.

Then try to do the Projected Special Event Income Worksheet #7 on page 253.  Notice how the revenue sheet is smaller than the expenses. This is because you will always have more individual items in your budget and probably only a few funding sources. Consider creating your calendar of activities.

When you are finished with the exercise go to the discussion board to answer your question this week.

Read Chapters 8 and 9 and watch the video. Then answer the following questions in at least 250 words each. . Put the post in your own words.

After you completed the budget

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Paper on Paper on Islam and Jesus

The research paper: special written assignment, a culminating project for the course. The paper will incorporate the required readings for the course. You may also pursue further research, such as reading from the general bibliography, use of other books approved by the instructor, and interviews with clergy or church historians. You will write an approximately Five page paper. You will integrate your research into Journal entries in the fifth and sixth units of the course. The final research paper is due week 6.
For the most part, Im looking for something involving research. If you demonstrate quality research (not Google or Wikipedia), 3 to 5 pages is plenty.