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Choose a destination (a country, region or a city) and discuss its sustainability challenges from the government and industry perspective. What would it be in your opinion, based on the current paradigms?

1.What role does government play in sustainable tourism development and management?
2.To what extent are multinational corporations in tourism displaying green credentials?
3.Explain the meaning of sustainability in a tourism context and suggest why this might conflict with other perceptions of sustainability.
4.Why is sustainable tourism so difficult to achieve?

These questions need to be addressed in the essay

For Professor Jafar Jafari, the founder of the academic journal Annals of Tourism Research, one thing is clear: usually the distinction between growth and development is misunderstood and this is at the core of whether a country wants more tourism (growth) or prefers sociocultural/ecological sustainable tourism (development).

How do you, as a student and future practitioner assess it under the current circumstances due to travel restrictions and pandemic?

Needs Assessment for Aging Adults

.Based upon a Community Needs Assessment, determine what gaps in service exist in your community. Please contact your instructor if you need assistance in identifying sources of a needs assessment or community plan that outlines such recent research. It is suggested to locate a United Way in your community to begin your research. If no local community needs assessment has been formally conducted, choose a service that you have good reason to believe is needed in your community. Once you have determined a gap in services for your project, you will  develop a step by step approach to creating a new human services agency to serve this population.
In this first step, you will decide what type of agency and service you want to develop. Think about vulnerable populations that may be underserved such as aging adults, homeless mothers and their children, runaway youth, chronically unemployed and impoverished adults, drug and alcohol addicted teens, disabled children and adults, mentall

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Your research presentation is due in this module.

If you do not submit your presentation by the final day of Module 8, you will not receive full credit for this assignment.

Review the Ethical Research Presentation Guide to ensure your presentation adheres to the assignment instructions and outline.

Your presentation will automatically be evaluated through Turnitin when you submit your assignment in this activity. Turnitin is a service that checks your work for improper citation or potential plagiarism by comparing it against a database of web pages, student papers, and articles from academic books and publications. Ensure that your work is entirely your own and that you have not plagiarized any material!

Virtue ethics represents a philosophical approach to morality that emphasizes the individual character as the key component that dominates and guides ethical reasoning and behavior, in contrast to focusing on rules about the specific behaviors (deontology) o

a documentary about sexual assault

The Hunting Ground. Directed by Kirby Dick. Ro*Co Films, 2015.

Discuss who you are in terms of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, class, nationality, religion, and upbringing, among other significant events that greatly influenced you, and how your standpoint impacts on your perception about the issue of sexual assault the video addresses.

2. Find one or two common thread(s) between you and your partner and analyze where the common view comes from.

3. Find one or two respectful disagreement(s) between you and your partner and carefully discuss where the gap derives from.

4. What is your take on this issue and what is your individual activism to improve the situation?

5. What is something that you and your partner agree to work together as activists to make a change?

As long as you address these points, feel free to express your thoughts, opinions, and feelings creatively.

Searching for Appropriate Grants

Searching for Appropriate Grants
For this assignment, search for appropriate grants or funding sources for the real-world organization you have selected to use in all of your assignments (from the second discussion in Unit 1). The grants should be ones your organization would be qualified to receive and that are a good fit for the characteristics of your organization.

In your assignment:

Describe the search strategy you used to locate appropriate grants. In your description:
Explain your overall strategy.
Provide your reasons for selecting the search strategy you used.
Indicate the number of potential grants you reviewed.
Describe the criteria you used to select appropriate grants for your organization.
List any databases you searched and provide a brief description of each.
List five grants you feel your organization would be qualified to receive.
Provide a brief description of each grant and include the URL of any related Web site.
Rank the gr

Locating Community Resources in Neighborhoods

choose two communities: one with a low socioeconomic status and one with a high socioeconomic status
Choose these communities from the state of Oklahoma.

After researching human service agencies available to people in these two communities, choose two service agencies in each community and compare and contrast them in a 12 page document. Include a table or annotated list comparing and contrasting these resources in the paper. Clearly identify the names and locations of the communities, the population breakdown, and a short description of each agency. Also, include a section that states the conclusions you drew from your research and analysis.

The attached document shows you a break down of what needs to be included

HUS 550 Human Services Issue and Policy Paper

Please choose a topic that's great for you to write about and provide me the name of the topic by January 17th.  I need to provide the instructor name of the topic.  Thank you.

Learning Outcome 4: Examine current literature to assess the theoretical, conceptual and
practical knowledge base for policy analysis, advocacy and development.
Learning outcome 6: Integrate the Saint Leo core values of integrity and community into the
foundation of effective policy development.
To complete this assignment, students may choose one of three options:
Select an organizational policy from a human service organization. Caution: if this option
is selected, enough historical information must be readily available to complete part 1.
Select a historical federal or state human service policy (New Deal, No Kid Left Behind,
TANF, etc.).
Select a current federal or state human service policy (healthcare, child support,
insurance, etc).
The follow


The picture is the order requirement, the pdf file is for the step 1. For the step 2, the podcast link is :
** There is a revision for the step three, which is the correct page number for some terms. Definition of journalism (P.48), news values list (P. 95-96), elements of Journalism (P. 58-59)

Discussion 1 response

Please respond to the question 1-3 with scholarly reponses:

This is what I wrote:

With ethnocentrism feature, an individual tends to speculate and judge other coalitions as well as their way of life in the society. It would be accurate to state ethnocentrism as a personal standard since it differentiates persons as they all pose unique perspectives. The ethnocentrism feature results in the competition of individuals as they try to stand out in society. Competition can be contemplated as being the struggle that exists over the available scarce resources. The ideology, in this case, might be considered to be a scarce resource in the community. A competition that emerges between two or more groups results in the existence of influencing feelings; that is, a sense of harshness and persecution actions. In fact, due to established competition, every person or group involved might want to emerge the most power. For example, competition might rely on jobs, land, labor, political

Discussion1-2 Response

Please respond to the 3 persons with a scholarly response.

This is what I wrote:

Set of principles guides the behavior of individuals and the potential of an organization. As a result, an organizations competency can be identified as measurable and observable skills that contribute to the success of the firm. The employees performance is recognized by observing the firms competency. The competitive advantage of an organization results from a firms increased competency, thus enabling it to thrive in the industry. By measuring competence, it is an essential component that indicates significant appraisal and a working relationship in an organization (Jaradat, Keating, & Bradley, 2017). Therefore, an organizations values and culture are demonstrated by the competencies practiced in the firm. Most importantly, competencies can be applied for the development of employees. Perhaps, an organizations competencies can be identified by exploring indicators as well as the benef