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You  are  looking  for  a technology  within  the  general  topic  you  chose  that  is  in  its  infancy.  For  example,  if  there  were  a military group and you were in  it, you couldnt do drones because we already use drones.  You could, however, do remote driverless tanks because they are being experimented with now, but are not in wide use. The technology you choose must be realyou cant just dream something upand it must be workingit cant be in the concept stage, it must exist in some form.  You also want a technology that is researchableif you cannot find information on the technologyyou chose, you  must  change  your  technology.    That  bears  repeating:    if  you  cannot  find  enough  information  on  the technology you chose to complete this project, you must change th

How do writers synthesize sources in a literature review?

Please answer 2 of the following questions, citing specific examples from

(1) How do writers structure their entire review in a way that leads toward synthesis?
(2) Where do you see areas of the most synthesis?
(3) How do writers integrate sources into their own text?
(4) How do writers link sources together?
(5) What role do sections and paragraphing play in effective synthesis?
(6) Are there any particularly good examples of synthesis? What makes them good?

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Human Enhancement technologies have opened the possibility for a radical transformation of humans into transhumans. In important ways this process has already begun, and the expectation is that over the next twenty years radical further human enhancement technologies will appear. Please find one type of human enchantment technology that you believe will have a huge impact in the future, describe it, explain how it might radically change society and human values and summarize what Professor Sandler and professor Savulescu might say about this technology.

International Relations

"Femicide" remains a contested concept, in Latin America as well as in the international community more broadly. Based on the readings for this week, what variations do we see in the causes of violence against women within Latin America, or between Latin America and other parts of the world? What do you think is the benefit of using a term like femicide to collectively refer to violence against women?

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Initial post

Which punctuation marks do you think are most difficult to use correctly? Why? What might you do to help remember the rules for these punctuation marks or to make effective choices about these punctuation marks?

Guided response

Choose a classmate's post about a punctuation marks, and find an example of effective use of that punctuation marks. The example could come from your own writing or from outside published writing. Quote the example and explain what is effective about the punctuation choice.

International Law Question

This do not need to be well-wording. answer the question is the most important.

Airedale and Beagle are two neighbouring States. Ronald Drump is a prominent businessman living in Airedale; he is the Chief Executive Officer and owns 75% of the shares in a gold mining company, Chihuahua Gold Ltd (CGL), which is incorporated in Chihuahua, another neighbouring State. Chihuahua is a country which has a very conservative faith-based culture, but has very low corporate tax rates, thus making it an attractive place for companies like CGL to call home. The remaining 25% of the shares in CGL are owned by nationals of Airedale. Ronald Drump was born in Beagle, and he therefore holds Beagle citizenship. He lived there until the age of 12, when his family moved to Airedale. His parents are also Beagle nationals. Ronald completed his secondary schooling and attended university in Airedale. At the age of 25, he moved

The Change Process in Education

I believe one of the most significant school changes I have been able to make as a classroom teacher in my current building is my use of grant writing. I have taken the risk several times to put myself and my ideas out into the world to hopefully bring new resources into my classroom and our building, and have been pretty successful (which has been quite exciting!) In two school years, I have successfully obtained nearly $10,000 in funds for my classroom, and roughly $5000 for our building.

One recent grant will bring a book vending machine to our building that will integrate with our PBIS program to promote at-home literacy. Over time, students will be able to earn points that help them earn a token to redeem in the vending machine. I was able to select several hundred new books from Scholastic that reach a variety of levels and interests for our K-6 building. I will work alongside my principal and our BLT team to develop the specific system for students to earn this reward and

The Change Process in Education

The most significant changes I plan on making when I become an administrator (hopefully at the school I am currently teaching at) would be to set higher expectations for student admission, align the curriculum of the high school more directly with college courses by implementing more AP (and possibly CCP) curriculum in the four major content areas of English, mathematics, social studies, and science; and I would offer more courses to help students build academic and social skills they will need in college.
As Waters et. al describe changes as "first" and "second order," I would classify the first change as a first order change because it would be an extension of the past as we have been increasing the expectations in increments so this would be the next step in the process (p. 7, 2003). The second change would be something new, but we are starting this process in the English department... we had our first training just last week so since I would not be administrator for at least a c

Any topic (writer’s choice)

My specialized population is Women

To complete this assignment, research your specialized population in the context of substance use disorder. Some good places to start your research are the following sites:

National Institute on Drug Abuse
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
Veteran's Affairs Mental Health Resources
National Institute on Aging
National Alliance on Mental Illness
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
National Center for PTSD

Assignment Questions

Identify what are factors that raise the risks for developing a substance use or gambling disorder among this specific population?

Besides the expected negative effects of substance use or gambling disorder, what are other specific negative effects of addiction on this specific population?

How can culture and cultural beliefs impact the risk and severity of develop a substance use disorder or gambling disorder for this populatio

Immigration Policy: the Asian American immigrant experience.

Write a letter to a public official on a case study. Letters are submitted to elected officials and other policymakers in order for individuals to present their position on an issue.
You are to assume the role of an advocate from a non-profit organization and address your memo to the cases protagonist
Must provide analysis and recommendations on why the protagonist should enact or veto the proposed policy.
DO NOT need to summarize the case or give a lot of background info.
You may integrate material from your own previous experience and intuition, and from theory developed for this and other courses.

Case Study: Immigration Policy
Protagonist: US
Senator for New York,
Kristen Gillibrand 

Additional information: