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Interview Paper

Select a professional in the human service/ social work field and conduct an interview (in person, over phone or virtually). This is a unique opportunity for you to gain first-hand knowledge from a person working as a human service professional, and get a more practical idea of challenges faced the field. Provide a detailed summary of the interview (be sure to develop your interview questions before the interview, and to ask permission to record before interview). Then reflect on your entire experience, including but not limited to: lessons learned, advise/ encouragement given, why particular person/ organization selected, if any difficulties with assignment, etc. The paper should be 4-5 pages in length and conform to proper APA format (including New Times Roman and 12pt font).

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Students are required to submit a two-page critical appraisal of a written article from a media outlet that covers material relevant to the course. The article you choose must be freely accessible online and an active link to the article must be included as part of the submission. Example articles and outlets from which you may draw from will be discussed in an online video module several weeks before the submission is due. Each critical appraisal paper should begin by providing a brief summary of the main point(s) conveyed in your chosen article and describe how these points relate to material covered in the course. Next, the majority of the paper should be dedicated to address any of the following questions: Does the media article advance existing knowledge or offer a new perspective on the material covered in class? Which assumptions are made by the article, and to what extent are they valid assumptions? If your chosen article provides practical recommendations for organizations and

Developmental Assessment for Early Childhood

Develop an assessment that will determine a childs physical, cognitive, or social emotional development at infancy. Specifically, you must address the following questions:

1. This assessment is designed for a child who is how old?
2. What type of development are you assessing (physical, cognitive, or social emotional)?
3. What is the specific goal of your assessment?
4. What materials will you need for this assessment? What type of space? What objects?
5. What, specifically, will you have the child do? What are the steps you will follow as you introduce the activity, engage the child in the activity, and evaluate the childs ability to accomplish the activity?
6. What specific developmental concepts and/or theories are relevant? Describe those concepts and/or theories and clearly state what you expect the outcome of this activity to be (i.e., what should the child be able to do at this age?).

I have also attached the guidelines for the assignment

Medical aid in dying

It is a four page (at least one sentence on page 5) research paper on whether or not "medical aid in dying" should be legal in the United States.  In the last page you discuss whether it should be legal.  In the first 3 pages you need to include information that could help you make this decision.  Think of it as:  you know nothing about the topic.  What information do you think one should know before one could decide whether or not aid in dying should be legal?  For this paper, medical aid in dying is when a person is likely to die within six months and the person/patient would like the physician to give them a prescription for medicine that they could take to hasten their death.  The patient must be terminally ill and he must take the medication himself. 

There needs to be at least three quality references (e.g., peer reviewed/refereed articles or government documents).  There should be a reference page with complete informat

Any topic (writer’s choice)

From Petersons text, pp 31-34 (please refer to the textbook for the full instructions), you are to write a letter of gratitude to a person of your choice and then use the reflection journal to describe the experience you had writing and sharing the letter. To earn maximum points, you need to:
1. Be specific in describing your personal experience with this exercise (in writing it, sharing it, and afterwards); refer to some areas to consider in your reflection below
2. Clearly identify/connect your experience with the principles of positive psychology so far throughout the semester.

You only have to submit your reflection to this experience to ICON. Do not submit the letter. The actual letter is only meant for the person to whom you send it.

Following your completion of writing & sharing the letter with the person you chose, your assignment is to write IN DEPTH about the event & experience:
- Did you consider your VIA strengths in deciding who to write you

Parent, Home, and school influences

There is research supporting the theory that students who are literate in their home language are more likely to be literate in their second or subsequent language. Thinking of this, what are the potential effects of home language on the development of English and classroom learning? Use one reference.

Here is a response from a classmate to the same above question. Please respond to this in 100 words.

"Language is the primary medium of learning, and skills are demonstrated through words or written language. Language-based learning disabilities are problems with age-appropriate reading, spelling, and/or writing. It is therefore not surprising, that language difficulties can interfere with academic performance. When learners use their home language to learn another language, their understanding and performance is likely to improve. Being able to move between two languages lessens the cognitive load and lets learners explain what they know and can do. The use of learners'

reflection journal 2

Big Reflection Journal #2: My Happiness Advantage Course Summary (50 points)

This experiential exercise and reflection journal is the second of the two large assignments for this semester. It requires forethought, engaged action, and thoughtful (and well written) reflection. You must also integrate positive psychology concepts, providing clear evidence of having fully understanding  and connecting with the course materials in the context of this exercise and  overall.

Step 1:  Go back to the site and re-do the Authentic Happiness  Inventory at - (Links to an external site.)

Step 2:  Once you have re-taken this inventory, you will go back to your initial Authentic Happiness Questionnaire score and you will make note of the change in your score.

Step 3:  What is the level of change in your Authentic Happiness score? Your task is to reflect and write about your overall engagement in the

The Introduction of Contraband in Correctional Facilities

The Introduction of Contraband in Prisons. For example: knives, cellphones and drugs

Identify the complete process you would use as a correctional counselor or case manager to report, document, and resolve the contraband in correctional facilities

Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to describe each step in the process of resolving the ethical dilemma.

Include a minimum of two sources.

Format any citations in your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.


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The Introduction of Contraband in Correctional Facilities

The Introduction of Contraband in Correctional Facilities

1. What is Contraband in Facilities i.e Weapons, Cell Phones, Extra Clothing, Food, Drugs (Street and Prescribed)
2. How does  Contraband get into Correctional Facilities i.e Guards, Visits and Inmates
3. How inmates manipulate correctional staff  with contraband
4. How do inmates utilize contraband as currency

Create a 8  to 10-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on the case study that includes the following:

Describe any ethical dilemmas that are present.
Identify any limitations in communication.
Describe how you would ethically communicate with this offender's family members regarding this issue.

Include a minimum of two sources.

Format any citations in your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.


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Reproductive System and Inheritance

explain the female reproductive organs and anatomy and the male reproductive organs and anatomy.

Describe what is the normal feedback loop that regulates testosterone production in the male?

What are the normal roles of testosterone in terms of sperm production and other male characteristics?

What are the major hormones that govern the menstrual cycle and their major functions?

What are the 3 differences between the ovarian and uterine cycles?