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Rain of Gold Questions

I need a number of questions being asked, answered in regards to the book "Rain of Gold." I need 3 questions answered possibly with quotes from the book. If quotes cannot be used, then I can add them myself. I just haven't had much time with current events in life. The paper also does not need to be 3 pages long. There is no minimum or maximum amount of pages required. I just put 3 just in case. These are the 3 questions I need answered:

Question 1: Racism, discrimination and social injustices against those of Mexican descent are seen in
various parts of this story, especially when the families cross the border from Mexico to the United
a) Discuss 4 specific examples where racism, discrimination, and prejudice against Mexicans, Juans
family, and Lupes family are illustrated by the dominant culture. (20 points)
b) On the other side, discuss 2 examples of individuals who seem to ignore the racial differences
between themselves and those of Mexican heritag


Prepare and submit the following (4) items. Write B, C & D in a single document.
Do not include your interviewees name in the submission.

B. Type your interviewees responses to questions 1, 2, 3, 4, 21 & 22. [2 points]
C. Select the responses you found most surprising, or contrasted the most from your own experience, and type the question and transcribe the response (about 400-words total) [8 points]
D. Write a 300-word reflection on what you learned about how students are experiencing online learning during the pandemic. You may compare your own experience with your interviewees experience. [8 points]

Health, Medicine, Social Forces

Watch video:

Please watch the video, A Recipe for Health Equity in the 21st Century: Renaisa Anthony, then complete the following essay assignment:

The purpose of this essay is to apply C. Wright Mills sociological imagination in reflecting on your own experiences with regard to health, medicine, and the larger social forces that have shaped them. Using specific examples from both Conley, Chapter 11 and the video, discuss how your socioeconomic status (or that of your family), race, gender, or other life conditions and experiences have shaped your health outcomes, access to health care, relationships with health professionals, or perceptions of health and illness.  (Let your gender to be a female, thank you)

Your essay must be double-spaced, 750 words in length, and meet all other requirements for written work (see syllabus).

immigration or gender pay inequality

-4 cited sources
-12 point font size, double-spacing, and 1" margins
-Utilize one theory for the essay :Symbolic Interaction; Functional Analysis; and Conflict Theory or Feminist Theory.
1.Introduction: Provide a topic description  - How would you define the social issue or challenge?  Why did you choose this topic?  Why it is important?
2.Background of Social Issue: What are the current statistics on this topic? Which populations are impacted?
3. Applying a Sociological framework: Why is it important to be able to address the problems associated with this issue from a sociological perspective? Please refer to the textbook/research/your OWN understanding.
4. Theoretical Analysis: Which theory do you believe provides an appropriate analysis of the issue?
5. Research: What three articles, books, magazines, journals will you include in the discussion of your topic?  (Examples can come from newspaper articles, scholarly journals, books, sociolo

Culture, Religion, & Spirituality

The current news cycle is in constant flux and traveling at warp speed. This discussion board will be used to highlight current articles about a specific topic. These articles will be selected by the assigned group and will focus on specific stories related to the topic. As social work students, it is imperative that you are constantly attuned to the environment, social policy, and specific events that impact the lives of your clients.

This discussion board will be about culture, immigration, religion, and spirituality.

Post two current articles about this topic.
Provide at least three discussion questions for the class to answer

Policy Analysis and Evaluation

Policy analysis is about finding out what governments do, why they do it, and what difference those activities make.  One result of that process is considering the termination of a program.  However, this is not an easy process.
(1) Why are government programs seldom terminated?  Provide at least three reasons in your response.
(2) Please present an example of a government program that should have been terminated and explain how it may have survived (think about stakeholders and their interests).

Policy Memo

Imagine you are a state or city government policy adviser. The governor or city mayor has asked your boss to brief them on a critical problem facing your community (and therefore one of your agency's top policy priorities). You need to develop a comprehensive policy memo that will give your boss:

(1) the critical background information he/she needs on the issue at hand;
(2) analysis of the influence of the state/city legislature, the judicial system, and other state/city government agencies on the formulation and implementation of a specific policy;
(3) an evaluation of the influence that interest groups, political parties and the media have on the policy at hand;
(4) a set of options/solutions for your boss to consider regarding a path forward with all these political players (including pros and cons for each option); and,
(5) a recommended strategy that you want your boss to present to the governor or mayor to win support for your agency's policy ag

Capital Characteristics

A short essay on capital characteristics as a final essay for the class. It does not have to be too long. Just answer the questions asked. The instructions are provided by the professor, included below. I accidentally double-booked myself today and forgot about this being due. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Weekly Journal

The weekly journal is an opportunity for you to integrate the content of this module, as well as further develop your understanding of the character who you chose to go on this journey with.

In this week's journal, use the character you selected from Module 1's journal and reflect on the questions below. Integrate relevant literature (at least three sources) to inform your responses.

Answer the following questions from the point of view of the character you chose in Module 1. Write as if you are that person:

Who are you? Consider the factors of gender, ethnicity, racial identity, sexual orientation, disability and ability, nationality, citizenship status, age, and economic or class status.
How do you imagine others perceive you? How do you feel about their perception? How would you like others to perceive you? How do your cultural background, group identities, values, and beliefs fit with your definition of the majority cultural group? (Define a

Online class discussion

Instruction attached below

**This is for a non formal online class discussion, u can use the reading material and other website for research**

Note: Most responses should incorporate a small amount of supplementary information obtained through basic internet research.
The internet (or printed) sources that you consult should be valid (not from personal blogs or opinionated "news" sites) and cited according to simple MLA guidelines.

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