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For this forum, find a recent news article (within the past 12 months) that describes the latest developments in a conflict, issue, or other major event in this the Austral or Pacific realm.  Provide a brief summary of the conflict/issue/event that your article describes, and your own analysis of how this issue might affect the realm, and might be resolved

Please choose one book from the following books

Don't summarize the plot. A paper should have a single argument So: job is to think about one of the works we've read up to this point, and to come up with an argument about interpreting it. you shouldn't feel any obligation to "cover" a whole book, to interpret the whole thing. It's much better to focus on a small aspect: that can be a theme that runs throughout the whole book -- say, the function of blushing in The Monk, or metaphors for violence in The Castle of Otranto, or something like that -- or it can be a chapter, a scene, even a single page of one of the books.

Gothic Novels: The Castle of Otranto; Vathek;, The Monk (Oxford), ISBN: 9780199535682,
Jekyll & Hyde,
Dorian Gray,
The Yellow wallpaper.

Sociological Perspectives “Film Contagion”

Using the free recording and editing software Audacity, compose a 5- to 7-minute audio recording with speaker notes (a verbatim transcript) in which you present your initial analysis of your previously selected film. This recording will primarily address sections III and IV of your final project. Select one of the major social issues in your film and address the following:

Identify the social phenomena influencing the social issue you selected, substantiating your identification(s) with course readings and an additional article.
Apply an appropriate key theoretical perspective to explain the relationship between the social phenomena and the social issue, detailing the appropriateness of the perspective chosen.
From the theories we have covered thus far in the course, identify one key classical sociological theory and one key contemporary sociological theory that help explain the relationship between the social phenomena and the social issue depicted in the film. Why are th

Acquiring a Contract with the Navy

Based on the same scenario as in Assignments 1 and 2 (included in additional materials), you are ready to begin considering the factors needed for your proposal based on RFP #123456789, dated 07/14/2014. Remember that another local competitor intends to submit a proposal as well.

Before beginning this assignment, review FAR Subpart 19.5Set-Asides for Small Business.

Additional factors to consider are as follows:

Both your company and your competitors company will qualify under the HUBZone Act (FAR 19.5).
Based upon the scope of work required, your initial estimates for the contract will exceed $150,000. Therefore, you are willing to offer incentives to the Navy.
Your competitor intends to submit a proposal for a 1 year contract.

Write a 5-6 page paper in which you:

-Examine two (2) reasons why your business would qualify under the basic concepts of the HUBZone Set-Aside Procedures. Provide a rationale for your response.
-Analyze the primary

Nanomaterials Modified Electrochemical Biosensing

Nanomaterials Modified Electrochemical Biosensing

1.0 Intro: Why nanoscale materials for electrochemical biosensing?
(Electrochemical Biosensors Based on Nanomaterials)

2.0 Metal Nanoparticle
2.1 Gold Nanoparticles (Au-Nps)
2.2 Relevant Application

3.0 Inorganic Materials
3.1 Layered Double Hydroxides (LDHs)
3.2 Metal Oxide
3.2 Relevant Application

4.0 Polymer Molecularly Imprinted Polymers
4.1 Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIP)
4.2 Relevant Application

Reference paper: (you can use more)
Functional Nanomaterials and Nanostructures Enhancing Electrochemical Biosensors and Lab-on-a-Chip Performances: Recent Progress, Applications, and Future Perspective

Electrochemical Deposition of Nanomaterials for Electrochemical Sensing


Subject: Discuss STUXNET, how your actions relate to STUXNET, the potential consequences of your actions (think large scale), and a plan to keep it from happening again.
5 pages, APA formatted (not including cover or reference page)(introduction, body with several logically formed paragraphs, conclusion).
At least 3 APA formatted references, each with in-text citation.

Risk management in healthcare

One important financial indicator for healthcare organizations is the payer mix or the percent of services. The payer mix is provided to patients with each type of healthcare insurance because of the mixed basket of rates of pay that differs for each service. Keeping in mind what you have learned from Week 4s resources, answer the following questions in this weeks discussion forum:
    Why is it essential to monitor the payer mix?
    What are the risks when healthcare organizations have an imbalance of services (predominated by a particular service)
    How does this affect the financial viability of a particular healthcare organization?
In 150 words that include at least one APA citation and the associated reference answer the question. 

State of the School Data Analysis for Continuous School Improvement


Imagine you are a member of your school or districts leadership team.  You are a school leader (principal, associate principal, assistant principal), lead teacher, technology facilitator, master teacher, or instructional coach.  Your leadership team is required to share with your schools stakeholders the plan for improving the school. It is the beginning of a new school year and you have received your school performance score/balanced scored card and all student assessment results.  You have disaggregated your data and you are aware of the strengths and areas of improvement that you must address as well as any and all gaps that exist among the various groups of students on your campus.  Your superintendent will attend this meeting. You have 20 - 30 minutes to present your information before responding to questions
Section I and II require the creation of  PowerPoint or other Multimedia Presentation

Person-Organization Fit

Summarize the attached article in one paragraph. Note each paragraph needs 5 sentences then Discuss the article's key point including defining the term Person-Organization Fit. Include 2 additional references to compare and contrast the article's points on Person-Organization Fit.
Scholarly sources from the last 5 years should be used.

Musculoskeletal Complaint

MN573 Unit 6 DB

Case Study

A 41-year-old male patient presents at the community walk-in clinic with complaints of severe elbow pain radiating into the forearm. His 13-year-old daughter is serving as a translator because her father is unable to speak English and understands only a few words in English. The daughter explains that he has been taking Tylenol to manage pain, but the pain is getting worse and is keeping him from working. You ask the daughter to describe the type of work her father does, and you notice she is hesitant to respond, first checking with her father. He responds, and she translates that he works in construction. Based on the response and the apparent concern, you suspect that the patient may be an undocumented worker. Further conversation reveals that several members of the family are working with the same local construction company.

Case Questions

1.You suspect the pain reported as coming from the elbow and radiating down the forear