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summary/reflective essay

focus on the Sabine Kriebel reading(focus on section 4, pp. 38-43) and compose an essay (see the format guidelines at the bottom of the page) that addresses the following questions:

What are some of the putative differences between analogue and digital photography, according to Kriebel? How do these differences change the way one might theorize photography?
How does Mitchell theorize the differences between analogue and digital photography? How does this change its evidentiary value? Is this convincing?
How does Manovich critique Mitchells argument? Are his criticisms convincing to you? If Manovich is convincing, that how is digital photography different than analogue? Are we "post-photography"?
don't use outside sources please use the full name when you mention in the essay


Research question: What is the effective way to convey information from ice cores to the ordinary man to help him recognize the significant threats of climate change?

1-    Use the the two Scholarly annotated in attached file
2-    Add a third scholarly articles of your choice
3-    Use the three Non scholarly sources in attached file
4-    Can add one Documentary source
5-    Can Include Images: as many as effectively support your argument and discussion
6-    Follow the plan below.

Supposing you were answering your Research Question: What are the effects of climate change on the habitats and survival potential of the world's big-cat species?
You might have an introduction that discussed the most vulnerable or endangered big-cat populations at the present time - in contrast to earlier times when populations were larger. Give us some

Indigenous Woman Representation in Poetry

You MUST first tell me what the thesis of the essay is so that I can get it approved. Rest of the instructions in the documents. Must use a few quotes from the two poems and you must make strong connections between the poem and the essay topic.

Medical aid in dying

It is a four page (at least one sentence on page 5) research paper on whether or not "medical aid in dying" should be legal in the United States.  In the last page you discuss whether it should be legal.  In the first 3 pages you need to include information that could help you make this decision.  Think of it as:  you know nothing about the topic.  What information do you think one should know before one could decide whether or not aid in dying should be legal?  For this paper, medical aid in dying is when a person is likely to die within six months and the person/patient would like the physician to give them a prescription for medicine that they could take to hasten their death.  The patient must be terminally ill and he must take the medication himself. 

There needs to be at least three quality references (e.g., peer reviewed/refereed articles or government documents).  There should be a reference page with complete informat

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Pick one scene that impressed you most from the film. Explain how and why that particular scene is impressive to you. Refer to the assigned reading and think about how your argument is related to it. Include the image(s) from the scene in your journal. The expression of your paper needs to be clear (correct grammar; clear meanings of words). Your argument needs to have a structure (introduction, explanation, conclusion)

In addition, separately from your argument on a scene, write down the keyword from the lecture, which the instructor gives, in your response paper. Also, briefly explain the reason why that is the keyword of the sequence in one sentence.(The keyword is XXX because ....) The reason should be clear by thelecture. You do not need to repeat exactly what the instructor says. Use your own words to explain.

Keyword is: Multimedia

Film: Shin Gojira(Anno Hideaki, 2016)

Readings: Douglas McGray, J

Paper 3

Paper 3 (due Monday, November 23rd by 11:59 p.m.): myths are stories with a significant cultural impact that create a shared repository of images and language for the people of their time and place. There are certainly many modern stories that have had such an impact on our society, such as Star Wars, the Harry Potter series, Marvel movies, etc. Choose one of these modern myths and imagine that, several thousand years in the future, historians are trying to use this story to draw conclusions about our cultural norms, values, and aesthetics. What conclusions would they draw?

1000-1500 words.

Using social media marketing for self-promotion

How to market yourself professionally? Can you use proven business strategy methods and tools (for example, marketing communication mix, or unique selling proposition, or professional services marketing, or digital marketing strategies) for self-marketing and personal branding? How can you use social media marketing for self-promotion?

In your response, please identify the important concepts, theories, or ideas that you have learned regarding self-promotion through social media marketing.

Why do you think these concepts, theories, or ideas are important? How would you apply what you have learned in this and other marketing courses to successfully promote yourself using social media marketing? Please give a few examples.

Also, what question(s) has your learning of self-promotion through social media marketing raised for you? What are you still wondering about?

Below are some additional resources collected for you by Associate Professor John Beckem.


Show Critique

The point of this assignment is to be able to watch and evaluate a theatrical production.  You will find a link to various sites where you can watch the theatre online or you can find a show that you would prefer to watch. If you chose your own show - please email me to let me know what show you want to watch.  Also - you need to choose a show that you have NOT seen before.  The idea is to watch the production for the first time and evaluate it based on your impression of it.

Please note:  The show you watch needs to be a theatrical production and NOT a show made for TV.

Criteria for the show critique

The critique of the production needs to be your perception of the show based on specific details.

The idea with an assignment like this is to watch a theatrical performance (NOT a film!) and then evaluate it based on some of the things we have talked about in this course so far.  See the rubric for the assignment to see what your criti

Term Paper

The paper should be double-spaced, using a standard 12-point font, and seven to ten pages in length.  Students should approach the paper not as a standard book report in which you give a laundry list of what happened in each chapter.  Rather, consider how the books, some written during the actual time periods we are studying, give you an insight into the culture, art, and history of the times.  You may have to do some research on the art produced in the area covered by your book during the time period. The attachment below is the book I chose.

Tax problem

For this return, you need to complete the following forms:

- Form 1040 (Sch 1, 2, 3)

- Schedule A: Itemized Deductions

- Schedule C: Profit or Loss from Business

- Schedule E: Supplemental Income and Loss

- Schedule SE: Self-Employment Tax

- Form 2441 Child and Dependent Care Expense

- Form 8582 Passive Activity Loss Limitations