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Southest Asian Music Listening Response

Listen to one (or more) of the pieces discussed specifically in our lecture (see Lesson 25 Current Trends: Western Ideas, Eastern composers), either from a traditional Southeast Asian ensemble or a contemporary Southeast Asian composer. If you would like to listen to another work by one of these composers, please feel free to locate them on MySpace or YouTube to do so. Indicate clearly the title of the work and name of the composer, and write a two-page response in which you describe some of the features of the work that are unique or interesting to you. Feel free to describe your personal response to the piece as well. It may be useful to describe how the composed piece reflects tradition, or how the tradition itself is unique among world musics (as you understand them). Your assignment should be 600 words in length, double spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font with one-inch margins on all sides.


Exam question

This is the exam question for an anthropology course:Secrecy and Statecraft. Here is some background information for this course:
This course explores secrecy regimes and cultures in democratic and totalitarian societies. It focuses on the issues of secrecy and power, state security, propaganda, conspiracy, censorship, control and surveillance, and resistance. By exploring various media from secret files to spy films, we will aim to understand how the secret regimes are constituted and how they interconnect with peoples everyday lives through policy and popular culture. We will produce secret ink and KGB reports and analyze most recent secrecy scandals. The case studies include the Soviet Union, socialist Eastern Europe, Central America, and the USA.

1. Define the terms and explain their significance in a short paragraph (5-10 sentences) (why is it important, why we have to know about it, what implications it may have, etc.)(10 points each).

a. Censorship (Freedman, Go

Introduction to MATSim

Please write 825 words for one of the parts of my report

(4) Introduction to MATSim (e.g., framework, mechanisms)

based on this book:

W Axhausen K, Horni A, Nagel K. The multi-agent transport simulation MATSim.
Ubiquity Press, 2016.

Attached is the PDF version of the books

**Just for your reference, below is my report content requirement**

Writing a report introducing your group project. This should include:
(1) Title
(2) Abstract
(3) Background
(4) Introduction to MATSim (e.g., framework, mechanisms)
(5) Introducing the base MATSim scenario that you choose, and also describing
your own MATSim scenarios (e.g., how and why do you modify the key elements,
such as network and daily plan, in your scenarios).
(6) Results of your MATSim scenarios (Note: you may need to compare the results
of your MATSim scenarios against those from the base scenario that you choose,
in order to understand how your modification

Any topic (writer’s choice)

TOPIC: Compare three definitions of religion. Discuss which one may be the best definition in order to answer the question of existential security.

Your answers should NOT exceed two pages.

You should submit your answers in PDF format as a single file.

Everything you write in the exam must be in your own words.

In case of copying from other resources, NO valid grade will be given. If quotation is inevitable, please use quotation marks as you need.


There are 2 parts for this assignment.
First part, I want you to comment about what you enjoyed (or didn't understand about the reading) from Manalansan.pdf, Valentine.pdf, "Selling the scary city.pdf" & "Gender Contests.pdf"  You don't need to discuss all readings.

Second part,
I want you to comment about what you enjoyed (or didn't understand about the reading) from Peoples guide_social movements .pdf, Pulido_Solidarity .pdf, Pulido, Race and Political Activism.pdf" & "Pulido_Intro .pdf". I want you to state Pulido's points!

For both part, you don't need to mention all readings  but i want you to be subjective. your response should be based on your opinion.

I want you to spare the equal amount for both parts.
I've attached the examples so i want you to follow the structure.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

These responses are very open-ended and I dont have strict guidelines for how I want you to
structure them. Basically, I want you to engage with the assigned readings (if we are reading
more than one text ie. several short stories or excerpts please just respond to one of them) in
some fashion. The idea behind this assignment is to start you thinking about the literature so
youll be ready for our discussions when we have our class meetings.

Business Law

Below is the case that must be completed. I have attached a word document with the case instructions that I have included here. As well, I have attached a word document with a sample case. Please match the formatting of the sample case when creating this case study. Thanks!

Ryder, a police officer in Philadelphia, was alone in his patrol car when he received a radio call of a "man with a gun." Ryder was the first officer to arrive and was confronted by a suspect brandishing an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle pointed at him. Ryder was able to subdue him and place him into the back of his police cruiser. Backup units arrived approximately 12 minutes after the initial call. The weapon used by the suspect was later found to be fully loaded with the safety off. Subsequently, Ryder began to experience severe anxiety and stress from answering routine police calls, feeling that either he would be killed or have to kill somebody. A physician diagnosed Ryder as having post-traumatic stress diso

Academic or Research Interests for Simon Fraser University

This is a "Proposed Research or Academic Interests" essay for Simon Fraser University MA in Communication.
Please write the essay according to the questions I have provided.
Answering each question by using numbers as well.
Thank you.

1. Academic Interests   
*Provide up to 40 words on academic interests

2. Additional Information
If you have selected multiple research areas, please rank them here (Up to 100 words).

3.Academic or Research Interest Statement
*Provide a statement of your academic or research interests (maximum of 400 words):

4.Definite Plans
Do you have definite plans to study in a particular area and/or under a particular faculty member and will an alternate choice affect your decision to attend our program? If yes, please provide details below to a maximum of 100 words:


Your task is to assume you are either a creditor (i.e., loan officer) or an investor (i.e., stockholder) and from the viewpoint of whichever you choose, rank the four basic financial statements in order of their perceived usefulness to make a decision (i.e., provide a loan, buy stock, etc.).  Give at least two reasons to support your ranking. This part should be no less than 60 words but no more than 120 words.

Part 2:
Propose an alternative ranking order.
Provide at least one good reason to support your proposed alternative ranking order.

COVID – 19

Right now, we are living through an historic event, a global pandemic. This phenomenon has
completely upended our everyday lives. It has changed the way we communicate with others, the
way we go to school and work, and the way we think about the world in a social, political, and
economic way. We are faced with challenges many of us could have never imagined. It is important for our archival institutions to document what is happening in order to provide historical context for the future. Below you will find a series of questions asking about your experience throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic thus far. If you answer all parts of the assignment in a minimum of 750 of YOUR OWN WORDS, you will receive full credit (5 points applied to your overall average). This could mean the difference in a letter grade. Though it is not required, I strongly suggest that all participate in this assignment. This extra credit assignment is an opinion piece. As a result, you will not be f