Service Reflection: The Service Channel Assignment

Teaching innovation assignment

Explore and visit THESERVICECHANNEL, created with undergraduate course project postings in an effort to add to the service body of knowledge (SBOK) worldwide. Remember, creating new knowledge is one objective of someone with a Ph.D. These are raw unedited videos meant to provide training materials and service information to anyone interested.

Currently, TSC is divided into multiple playlists but needs to be updated and innovated. Contents include: 1) service teachings, 2) teach-backs where students create learning objects for the course in an effort to provide innovative student-generated teaching materials, 3) company documentaries, 4) training skits and 5) student service quilts (you will be doing one so this is like viewing samples).

You will also do a small video project so please use the viewing of these videos to get your creative juices flowing as Ill ask you to add something original in content to the channel .

Here is the link:

I need brilliant graduate students to help with innovating and updating strategy of THESERVICECHANNEL.  Getting your input on this will require you to explore and join THESERVICE channel. Following your exploration provide a two-page single-spaced executive summary for OVERHAULING and updating TSC – for the next 5 years.

Divide your answer according to 1) Introduction where you state the purpose of the service channel and your opinion on the service channel 2) Future suggestions for how to make the service channel better and enhance the mission and direction of TSC.

Answers may be in bullet points or sentence style. Make sure under future directions of the channel, you clearly specify what the goal, mission, and organization of the service channel should be and how it will be maintained.

This assignment allows you to provide your innovative ideas while learning about the topic of service management in a creative way by analyzing and providing suggestions for the future of THESERVICECHANNEL.

Consider the incorporation of other social media into your answer.


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