You are to create an argument essay using four sources; at least ONE of your sources needs to discuss the opposing viewpoint.

You must have FOUR argument sources from the Gale Database. At least ONE source has to
be the opposing viewpoint (or one or more of your sources can have both sides in it). You are
to keep your same topic from your first essay unless you did not have an argument topic. You
may keep the resources you already have from your first essay unless you decide to change
your topic (or you did not have an argument topic to begin with).
Your essay must contain clear examples of RESEARCHED logos, ethos, and pathos from
legitimate resources.
You must make at least THREE logical, researched points for your side of the argument (body
paragraphs 2, 3, & 4).
You MUST address the other side by discussing their beliefs, and providing a valid, logical
rebuttal (body paragraph 5).
No more than 3 quotes (PROPERLY quoted) quotes are not to be NAKED quotes and are
NOT to longer than 2 lines per quote. On this essay, I will dock you 15 points for any
naked quote.
Page 2 of 2
Whole paper must be at least 3+ FULL pages, NOT including annotated bibliography. You
will not pass this essay if it does not meet this requirement right off the bat. That is the first
thing I will check.
Must include at least one in-text citation for EACH source listed on Works Cited page, and at
least one in-text citation in each body paragraph.
You must follow all MLA formatting rules double-spaced 0/0, 1-inch margins on all sides,
12 point Times New Roman font, correct header, heading, appropriate title, in-text citations
for EACH source listed in your annotated bibliography. Annotated bibliography should have
hanging indents for each entry and be in alphabetical order.
You need to follow the required outline I provide for you.
Do NOT use personal pronouns anywhere in the essay except MAYBE in the call-to-action.
YOU, OUR, YOUR(S), US, WE, I are examples of personal pronouns, just FYI. Also, if you
paid attention in the last unit, there was a lesson about this!
Do NOT use contractions


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